Branch Holiday Hours

Posted by admin on at 3:00 pm

We hope your family is having a very merry holiday season! Here’s the latest information on our branch holiday hours. Some branches are closed on different days because they are located onsite within our select employer group companies that are also closed. Please note that all branches are open normal operating hours unless otherwise noted below.  Friday, December 23rd …

Alert: Phishing Attacks Using NACHA

Posted by Rob on at 8:06 am

The FBI has issued a warning about a new malware attack targeting bank accounts. The  malware is called Gameover and the FBI says it is able to defeat several forms of dual-factor authentication. The FBI suggests that consumers and businesses pay attention to suspicious emails purporting to come from NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association.  NACHA does not traditionally send emails directly …

Idea #180 from Yvo D. No debit card fees

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:14 pm

Idea #180 from Yvo D. “Don’t ever implement a debit card usage fee like the big banks are planning to do.” Ah, don’t worry, Yvo, we have ZERO plans to implement a debit card usage fee. If you’ve got your primary checking account at one of those big banks, now is a GREAT time to switch over. And don’t …

Idea #6 from Javier P: Better Mobile Banking

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:45 pm

Idea #6 from Javier P “Better mobile banking.” I like your style Javier, straight and to the point. Many, many people have commented about this, and we’ve definitely heard you. The biggest requests are for iPhone and Android apps as well as being able to deposit checks using your smartphone. Join the Discussion Our Mobile Banking services are a key initiative for …

Idea #32 from Jenni: Debit bill pay payments sooner

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:23 pm

Idea #32 from Jenni “Bill pay: take the money out of my account the day I send the payment, don’t wait for it to be cashed. At least take it out of “available.” Jenni, this has been a big one! Many others have commented about when BillPay payments are debited and each of those has received several “Like” votes. Here’s the …

Idea #4 from Lance; rewards for saving

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:07 pm

Idea #4 from Lance P “There are rewards for spending, but not for saving. Create a rewards system for saving. Join the Discussion So what do you all think? Other than having a great savings rate, do you think this is a good idea? What kind of rewards would you like to see? Best, Estelle

Idea #3 from Erin A.: Recommend Savings Tips

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:33 pm

Idea #3 from Erin A. “Based on my spending history, give me smart tips on where I can reduce spending.” Thanks for the idea, Erin! We certainly try to do this when we see the opportunity. Here’s what we found interesting. There were more thumbs down for this one than there where thumbs up. As of today, it’s 26 thumbs …

You asked, we listened!

Posted by Deb Colby on at 2:04 pm

If you haven’t visited yet, then be sure to stop by. This First Tech website is dedicated to listening to your ideas about how we can make banking effortless. We want to change the way you think about banking, and we’ve got to listen to you to do that. So stop by, add your own ideas or vote on others’ ideas; we’re …