Idea #6 from Javier P: Better Mobile Banking

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:45 pm

Idea #6 from Javier P
Better mobile banking.”

I like your style Javier, straight and to the point. Many, many people have commented about this, and we’ve definitely heard you. The biggest requests are for iPhone and Android apps as well as being able to deposit checks using your smartphone.

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Our Mobile Banking services are a key initiative for us in the coming year so tell us . . . what would your dream mobile app do?

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  1. Aaron Massey says:

    It would be a big mistake now to also create a Windows Phone 7 app along with iPhone and Android. Because in the Puget Sound area where you have a big presence and even on the Microsoft campus, you have some 30000 Microsoft employees and other regular users all carrying Windows Phones.

    • Aaron Massey says:

      That would “…not to also create a Windows Phone 7 app…”

    • Matthew Abbott says:

      First and foremost, the ability to deposit checks via photo (like USAA and other banks have started going) would be amazing, especially since the closest in-network ATM to me is still rather out of my way and is stuck in the early ’90s.

      A transaction entry system would be nice–just a simple virtual checkbook register, for those of us who have shed paper checks for the most part, but would like to keep a register as a means to balance our accounts and prevent against fraud and mistakes. It can literally just be a payee box, an amount box, and a memo box, though adding GPS tagging would be great as well. Bonus points for automatically matching our input transactions against the bank’s copy for a shorter balancing process at the end of each month.

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