Idea #180 from Yvo D. No debit card fees

Posted by Estelle Thompson on at 6:14 pm

Idea #180 from Yvo D.

“Don’t ever implement a debit card usage fee like the big banks are planning to do.”

Ah, don’t worry, Yvo, we have ZERO plans to implement a debit card usage fee. If you’ve got your primary checking account at one of those big banks, now is a GREAT time to switch over. And don’t forget your friends, too! Remember, friends don’t let friends pay to bank.

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If your primary financial relationship is with another institution, what keeps you from making the switch?

Regards, Estelle

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  1. Jacob says:

    I keep money at a bank because they offer better savings rates than you do. Your savings rate is a measly 0.10%, but there are banks which offer a full 1%.

    Your Dividend Rewards Checking account offers a pretty good rate, but since you are lowering the amount of money that earns the best rate from $25,000 to $10,000, I’m about to move everything over the $10,000 back to the bank to earn the better rate.

  2. nulle says:

    your rates needs to be raised (50 basis points AT LEAST) to make it worthwhile for the switch.

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